Affordable pricing to save you wasted effort

examples of our prices

Before we embark on a clean there are a number of things we need to discover about the items in which we are about to invest our time, our insurance liability and our reputation.

To ensure that we are giving you the best possible service we try to avoid giving you price quotes over the phone.  Since different fibres vary in their tolerance of water (and other solvents), heat, pH and tensional stress, knowing which fibres we are cleaning has a major impact on how we conduct the clean. We would rather spend a few minutes looking at the job in hand and meeting the customer face to face, you can ask us any questions and get an idea of what we will be doing to your valuable carpet or furnishings.

Please bear in mind, if you are calling us because you have just had an accident and caused a nasty stain, the stain is there, it will not get worse over the course of a few days, it will not be harder to remove because it has been left for a few days, it will take some time for further dirt and grime on top of the stain to make it harder to remove. Simply blot it(do not rub) with a clean white towel or cloth and call SPRING BREEZE

We will give you a written quotation on the spot, the price quoted will not be increased for any reason.

If you are happy with the quote we will arrange a time and date to proceed with the clean(in some cases the clean can be done on the same day as the quote).

At SPRING BREEZE our customers are often pleasantly surprised when they get our quotation– our charges are fair, competitive and exactly as we quote. You will not get any nasty extras. We’ll genuinely match any like-for-like quote that you’ve been given. Another aspect that makes us stand out is the top-of-the-range equipment that we use. Over time, we have invested in the best cleaning technology and we only use solutions that are environmentally friendly and safe. 


on average you can expect to pay

Please note, the following prices are for guidance only. all our prices inclusive, there are no extras to pay, ever.

carpet cleaning £30

Per average sized room upto 12' x 16' / 192 ft² or 18 m²


£3,50 per riser, includes any landing areas

carpet cleaning £44

Per room above 12' x 16' upto 24' x 26' / 624 ft² or 60 m²

stainguard treatment

£32 per room

carpet cleaning £58

Per room above 24' x 26' upto 30' x30' / 900 ft² or 84 m² over 84 m² = £1 per m²

furniture stainguard

£10 per seat ie 2 seat sofa = £20

upholstery cleaning £38

For a 2 seater sofa

upholstery cleaning £48

For a 3 seater sofa

upholstery cleaning £32

Per armchair

discounts apply for multiple rooms and pieces of furniture