low moisture carpet cleaning

The professional carpet cleaning industry has embraced low moisture carpet cleaning, and many end-users now ask for it as well. Yet despite its growing popularity, several myths and misunderstandings about low moisture carpet cleaning still linger among cleaning professionals and customers.

Lets break down some of the myths.

Myth 1. Low moisture carpet cleaning involves a fibrous, sponge like material being spread over the carpet and brushed in.

This is untrue. Low moisture carpet cleaning involves an encapsulating solution being sprayed onto the carpet and agitated into the fibres with a CRB machine. The solution can be bonnet cleaned off using a rotary or OP machine or simply left overnight to dry, then vacuumed off using an industrial vacuum the next day.

Myth 2. Low moisture cleaning only cleans the surface of the carpet.

CRB machine used in low moisture carpet cleaning

This is untrue. The use of a good CRB machine is imperative to agitate the solution deep into the carpets fibres without causing any damage to said fibres. This myth comes from operators neglecting to use an industry approved CRB and just using a brush or broom to agitate. The brush method will not get deep into the carpets fibres, so, only the surface is effectively cleaned.

Myth 3. Low moisture cleaning is only for applications that require quick drying times. Such as busy offices or restaurants.

This is untrue. Low moisture cleaning can also be a great, environmentally friendly choice for domestic carpet cleans as well. This method uses much less water and our solutions are totally detergent free.

There is no requirement for rinsing, due to our solutions being completely bio degradable and detergent free.

This method is very eco friendly as well as child & pet safe.

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