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A very common question we get asked is “how do I properly remove pet urine stains”?  Phil, from Spring Breeze  Blackpool carpet and upholstery cleaning explains what happens when your pet fouls your carpets and how to properly deal with those stains.

Pet urine on the carpet is a problem that all pet owners have had to face at some point.

There are many proprietary or home made solutions available that supposedly “get rid of pet urine stains”. Unfortunately, in reality these remedies only “mask” the problem.

Lets look at what happens when your pet decides to mark its territory.

Firstly, the puddle lays on the surface. If you act quickly enough you can soak most of it up with absorbent pads(paper or towels).  Be sure that whatever you use is white to avoid any dye transfer into your carpet fibres. If the puddle is not dealt with immediately the urine will soak into the carpet and through the backing or underlay and spread outwards.

Now The Real Damage Begins

There are two areas of concern.

Firstly. Because the urine has soaked into the carpets backing and underlay it does not get much airflow. The reduced airflow equals greatly increased times for the moisture to evaporate. It simply soaks further into the carpets underlay. Spreading out like an inverted mushroom. Eventually leading to the carpet backing, the underlay and sub floor being rotted away.

drawing of carpet construction and how liquid spills spread into the backing. Spring Breeze Blackpool

the health hazard

Secondly. Urine is made up of uric acid which harbours many forms of bacteria.

If the area remains untreated these bacteria will continue to multiply.

Once at this stage the uric acid is transforming into an alkali. A by product of this is ammonia.

The ammonia can seriously damage your carpets fibres and cause various problems with dye stability. In extreme cases, stripping the colour out completely.

The alkali continues producing ammonia as it transforms into hard crystals.

The smell will eventually diminish over time as the crystals develop. But, because there is always moisture in the air the smell will never completely disappear. If you wet the area again, the smell will get stronger. The hard crystals will cause further damage to the carpet fibres.

The area will continue to be an ever present health hazard by harbouring all sorts of nasty bacteria.

This bacteria can affect the immune systems of the young, elderly and sick. In some instances causing allergic reactions or infections.

The only way to prevent harmful bacteria multiplying and permanent damage to your carpet, the carpets underlay and the flooring(especially wood floors) is to have the area treated properly.

Our specialist extraction equipment will draw the soaked in urine out of the carpet backing and underlay.

Any remaining staining can then be treated with our specialist stain removal processes.

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