specialist stain removal

all types of stain successfully removed


At SPRING BREEZE we offer a specialist stain removal service for when those inevitable accidents happen.

From beverage and food spills to make up and ink marks to pet/child/human messes.

Our stain removal processes include deodorising and sanitising of any areas where bio hazard stains have occurred.

When those accidents happen it is important that the area is only blotted with a clean white towel or cloths to soak up as much moisture as possible. 

 Spot and stain guide

Do not use ready made  remedies or mixtures.

 Many of these only mask the stain and contain agents and bleaches that “set the stain”, bleach the original colour and cause severe damage to the fibres.

Call Spring Breeze immediately, we will arrange to come and survey the problem.

We understand the trauma and embarrassment that can be experienced when those human accidents occur. We are experienced, sympathetic and discrete in these situations.