a true professional carpet cleaner

The definition of a professional carpet cleaner

Any one who charges a fee for their work is regarded as being a professional carpet cleaner. Therefore, there can be a world of difference between different levels of knowledge and competence between one professional carpet cleaner and another.

There are many tradesmen and public alike who regard our work as “just cleaning”. This could not be further from the truth.

At the lowest level, an enterprising individual may purchase a low power entry level cleaning machine and a little detergent. Some uncaring individuals have been known to purchase one of these domestic quality machines and use laundry detergents! They do a little bit of marketing. Obtain some customers and start a carpet cleaning business.

The machine that they are using WILL remove some srface dirt simply by moving the machine back and forth over the carpet . The recovered water will look very dirty so there is an illusion that the carpet is clean. Far from it. They have merely removed a very small percentage of the dirt. To prove a point, take a clean white towel, dampen it and rub it over a small area of carpet. See what happens.

There is also a high risk that their efforts will result in “over wetting” the carpet resulting in problems such as a musty smell, mildew growth, browning and shrinkage. As well as colour loss and dye bleeding issues.

the trained & insured professional carpet cleaner

Spring Breeze carpet cleaning proof of training
cert awarded to phil burtenshaw.

A true carpet cleaning professional will have powerful commercial grade equipment. They will have been trained to identify carpets and fibres. How to prevent carpets from shrinking or rucking, how to complete three different tests for dye problems, how to identify stain types, how to clean different fibres safely along with how to rectify cleaning problems that may have been created by previous cleaners. The cleaning process will involve up to eight or maybe more different procedures. In a nutshell, a true professional carpet cleaner will work to the nationally recognised British Standard’s PAS86 carpet cleaning standard. They should also be a member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association, as we at Spring Breeze are.

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After the house and car, floor coverings and lounge suite are the most expensive purchases in the typical home. It pays to care for them in the best way possible.

All businesses are obliged by law to carry both Public Liability and Employers Liability (if appropriate) insurance. A caring, true professional carpet cleaner will also carry Product and Treatment Liability and maybe Professional Indemnity too. To protect his customers should the worst happen and for some reason the item being worked on become damaged.

stain course certification
cert awarded to phil burtenshaw. spring breeze for stain removal

As I hope you will now appreciate, in order to provide customers with the best and safest clean that will not cause more rapid re-soiling and provide the reassurance of experience, knowledge and proper training. A true professional carpet cleaner will need to invest in training, adequate, professional grade equipment and legally required insurances. To cover these costs, the true professional will have to charge slightly higher fees compared to the “enterprising individual” mentioned above.

buyers advise.

upholstery cert
cert awarded to phil burtenshaw. spring breeze for upholstery cleaning

Buyers should be aware of the different levels of “professionalism” in any industry. At all times ask to see evidence of insurance and training/qualifications as proof that the seller is a true professional trades person.

Spring Breeze hold liability insurance upto £5,000,000. Because we work to BSI PAS86 standards we attend training every 3 years. We are also fully CRB checked for your peace of mind.

As a company, we invest heavily in all of this because we consider ourselves to be Professional carpet cleaners.

Price and value/cost are different. Can you really afford to base your purchasing decision on which carpet cleaner is the cheapest?

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