upholstery cleaning

all types of upholstery safely cleaned

Have your upholstery professionally cleaned by  SPRING BREEZE.

Not all furniture and upholstery items are made of the same material or by the same manufacturing process, or use the same dye’s and pigments. To be sure that we are giving you the best possible service. SPRING BREEZE  will not simply quote you a price over the phone, we will visit you and carry out a thorough, free, pre clean inspection. We will advise you about the processes we will use. To achieve the optimum outcome we use different processes and methods depending on the application and condition of the upholstery. We will advise you of these and the results you can expect. Once this is done we will quote you a fair price, that price will not go up. It may go down if the clean did not involve as much work as we initially estimated.

We clean all types of upholstery and fabrics. Like your carpets the upholstery in your house is a large investment. Having your upholstery professionally cleaned will protect and prolong the life of your sofas and chairs.

We recommend having your upholstery treated with a stain protector which not only protects the fibres from stains and grime but also protects against premature wear.

Using our proven seven point action plan Spring Breeze succeed where others fail